Top 10 things to do on Poros Island and vicinity

So you are on Poros Island, or Galatas, or anywhere nearby, and you would like to know what is there to do. Here is Live-Bio's list of top 10 things to do on Poros island and vicinity, including activities that are based on our intimate local knowledge, and that you...

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Best coffee on Poros island

If you are looking for the best coffee on Poros island then you should definitely try La Frianderie. It is our favourite coffee in the area, made with passion by Nikos Kakouris, the owner and main barista of this special place. Located on the harbour of Galatas...

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A day trip to Nafplio from Live-Bio

A day trip to Nafplio is one of our favourite activities. It is only  60 kilometers from Live-Bio, on a picturesque route guaranteeing beautiful views and numerous opportunities for picture taking. Usually we like to combine the tour to Nafplio with a visit to the...

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Top 10 things to do in Peloponnese Greece

Are you looking for top 10 things to do in Peloponnese? Live-Bio is an excellent base for discovering that part of Greece. The Peloponnese is home to stunning villages, gorgeous beaches and world renowned historical sites, in other words a stunning place to experience...

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Spetses – an island of seduction

We love the island of Spetses. With impressive mansions, a gorgeous harbour, varied nightlife, gourmet restaurants, and pine tree covered beaches, we are not surprised that Spetses is Greece's most cosmopolitan (and optionally expensive) island, trumping Mykonos and...

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Poros, Galatas and Troizina

Today we would like to talk a bit about our own area, the location that will host Live-Bio in its first steps. It is one of the most fertile parts of the Greek mainland, separated by only 200 meters of water from the traditional, whitewashed island of Poros. A land of...

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