The island of Poros

Galatas & Troizina

Methana & the Volcano

Nafplio & Nemea Wine Region

Devil’s Bridge Hike Troizina

One of the various activities available to our guests is the gorgeous Devil's Bridge hike, at a gorge near Ancient Troizina. The Devil's Bridge hike offers an almost surreal landscape with small natural waterfalls and fresh water pools. In the summertime, a swim in...

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The wine harvest at Nemea

September is the month of the wine harvest at Nemea, the primary wine making region of the Peloponnese. The Peloponnese is the southernmost part of the Greek mainland, home to Live-Bio and the no. 1 travel destination in Europe for 2016, according to the Lonely Planet...

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Peloponnese and Poros – Live-Bio surroundings

This is Peloponnese and Poros, the neighbourhood of Live-Bio. Last year our dear friend Dimitri was getting married in the area and him and his family visited us. He managed to shoot a short movie with his drone. The Peloponnese was voted...

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10 things to know about the Greek Easter (Pas-ha)

Easter is one of the most important and beautiful traditions in Greece, and undoubtedly one of most authentic Greek experiences. In combination with the Greek spring that celebrates in all its glory, Greek Easter (pronounced Pas-ha in Greek) is considered one of the...

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Poros, the island of Seferis

George Seferis, the Greek Nobel Prize laureate, spent several summers on Poros Island, beginning in the mid-30s. The bright yellow flower of an indigenous bush (Greek: Aspalathos - Latin: calicotome spinosa) became the inspiration for one of his last poems. Now, in...

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Hiking Lemonodasos – top activities around Poros

Hiking Lemonodasos Poros (the lemon tree grove on the Peloponnese, which administratively belongs to Poros Island) is one of our favourite activities at Live-Bio, and one of the top activities to do around Poros. It combines a relaxed hike with beautiful views of the...

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Day trip to Methana

Methana - a true gem A day trip to Methana is by far one of our favourite activities and places to discover while staying at Live-Bio. It is only a 30 min drive from us and is a true hidden gem of the area. Last week we decided to invite our guests who were staying...

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Bouboulina from Spetses, a heroine of all women

What's the connection between Bouboulina from Spetses and the famous "Armata"? Just like every year, the second weekend of September marks an important event in Greek history. On the 8th of September 1822 the Ottoman navy approached the island of Spetses in order to...

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Top 10 things to do on Poros Island and vicinity

So you are on Poros Island, or Galatas, or anywhere nearby, and you would like to know what is there to do. Here is Live-Bio's list of top 10 things to do on Poros island and vicinity, including activities that are based on our intimate local knowledge, and that you...

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